February 12th, 2020 - SLUG Meeting DiGISt

Minutes of the 43rd Quarterly Salt Lake GIS Users Group (SLUG) meeting, held on February 12, 2020, from 11:30 am to 1:00 pm at the Sandy City Hall (10000 Centennial Pkwy #341) in Sandy. There were about 100 people in attendance today.

This meeting’s lunch was sponsored by UGIC. If you have any contacts that would be willing to ‘sponsor’ a lunch by providing food/drinks in exchange for their advertising at the meeting, contact Adrian Welsh, SLUG Board member.


Zlatko Grebenar, SLUG Board      

·         Welcome to the Sandy City Hall. Thanks to the Sandy City for hosting and to UGIC for sponsoring the lunch.

Dave Henrie, UGIC

·         The next UGIC Conference will be May 4th through the 8th 2020 in Bryce Canyon at the Ruby's Inn. Sign up to do either a 20 or 40 minute                      presentation to show current projects that you have been working on.


Ray Montgomery – Sandy City

Ray showed his custom application that uses GIS, SQL server tables, and drones to show cemetery records. Each grave plot has a history attached to it showing ownership, sales, available, and occupied graves.

Greg Bunce – AGRC

Greg introduced the latest State Geographic Information Database (SGID). SGID is a one-stop shop for finding Utah datasets and it was recently redesigned to make the user experience a better one. HERE is more information about SGID and some of the new features.

Andrea Befus – Utah County

Andrea showed her work on election dashboards using Survey123 and QuickCapture. Using these various ESRI tools will help to show the election results quicker and simpler on election day.

The next meeting will be April 2020 at Wasatch Front Regional Council, more info coming soon.

If anyone is interested in being on the board please reach out, we do have some board members who will be stepping down in the near future. Thank you to our presenters and our venue. If you have any ideas for a presentation or any other matter, please contact a SLUG board member. We appreciate your interest and support!