April 18th 2018 - SLUG Meeting DiGISt

Minutes of the 36th Quarterly Salt Lake GIS Users Group (SLUG) meeting, held on April 18, 2018, from 11:30 am to 1:30 pm at Wheeler Historic Farm (6351 S 900 E) in Murray. There were about 80 in attendance.

This meeting’s lunch was sponsored by Miller Spatial. If you have any contacts that would be willing to ‘sponsor’ a lunch by providing food/ drinks in exchange for their advertising at the meeting, contact Tom Toronto, SLUG Board member.


Michael Duncan, SLUG Board

·         Welcome to Wheeler Historic Farm. Thanks to Wheeler Historic Farm for hosting and Miller Spatial for sponsoring the lunch.

Daniel Widenhouse, MillerSpatial

·         Daniel talked about some services that Miller Spatial provides such as implementations of ESRI & Cityworks technologies, application development and consultation services.


Web Apps – An example of How to Build One                                   

David Alger, P.E. - UDOT

David talked about how to create an application using WebApp builder and some of the things to consider when starting out. Using tools and widgets to simplify the application for non-GIS users as well as good pop-ups for data identification. Showed a few examples of the applications he has created, one of which was an editing application that he mostly uses instead of ArcMap. David's Presentation

US Census Bureau Boundary and Annexation Survey

Mike Heagin, AGRC

Mike talked about BAS (Boundary and Annexation Survey). Census Bureau’s annual collection of boundary information which used to be between locals and census, now the AGRC has an agreement with Census that has made it easier. Showed a few examples of data errors that AGRC has encountered. Main takeaway is that AGRC is working on quality improvements, which is crucial as other data is created upon the boundary data. Mike's Presentation


Geography Humor Segment 

Zlatko Grebenar, SLUG Board

Jeopardy – Asian Geography Question. You can see this clip HERE.

You can see many of the videos we’ve shown (not including the above one) at SLUG meetings on our own YouTube channel HERE.

The June 2nd Golden Spoke Bike Ride & GIS Sourced Preview

Matthew Silski & Scott Hess, Wasatch Front Regional Council

Showed a demo which is powered by Strava (an application that simulates a ride along the bike trails used in the event). GIS was used to improve & provide a more realistic simulation along the bike route using Strava. Matthew's Presentation

ESRI's Developer Summit overview

Although we didn't have enough time this meeting, there was a lot of great technical sessions at this years Developer Summit.  Please check them out here, and pay close attention to ArcGIS Enterprise for lots of great content along with the usual great developer/programming content.  Or check out ESRI's top 20 sessions here.

The next meeting is on August 8th at DNR.  

Thank you to our presenters and our venue. If you have any ideas for a presentation or any other matter, please contact a SLUG board member. We appreciate your interest and support!