May 7th 2013 - SLUG Meeting DiGISt

The 16th quarterly Salt Lake GIS Users Group (SLUG) meeting was held on May 7, 2013, from 11:30 am to 1:30 pm in Multi Purpose Room at Sandy City Hall.  There were about 165 in attendance.

Food and drinks were sponsored by UGIC.



Tom Toronto, SLUG Board

·         Welcome to all, thanks to Sandy City for the venue, and UGIC for the food and drinks.

·         The next SLUG meeting will be held August 14th. More details to follow.  Please plan on it now.

Kate Smith, UGIC Board

      UGIC has a new committee to deal with GIS in Emergency Planning and Response.  There was an initial setup meeting at the recent UGIC Conference in Provo.  Things to be considered are a name for the group and a mission statement.  The group will work on things like data sharing, training, and setting up procedures for GIS people in one agency to help do GIS work in another agency in the event of a disaster such as a wildfire.  The first meeting is scheduled for May 15th at 2 pm at the State EOC.  Josh Groeneveld, GIS Coordinator of the Utah Division of Emergency Management will head up the group. If you are interested in joining, contact him at Jgroeneveld “at”, 801-538-9791.



Salt Lake County Parcel Data

Rick Baker, SL County Recorder’s Office

Rick gave an interesting historical overview of the methods SL County has used to process and handle parcel data, from manual work pre-1980, through Coverage tiles, all the way to the current full seamless SDE dataset. He also touched on the progress the County has made with COGOing the parcel data, and showed a map of the areas that still need to be done.


Parcel Data handling at Salt Lake County

Casey Sledge, SL County Recorder’s Office

Casey talked about and demonstrated tools that are used by the Recorder’s Office to process the large amount of Parcel data that they manage.  He explained the process they use to package datasets for cities, and discussed the limitations that are caused by ArcPy not handling large datasets consistently; he’s working on a solution. Casey’s goal is to distribute parcel datasets to cities and others weekly, going forward.


Geography Humor Segment 

Ray Montgomery, Sandy City  

Ray showed 2 short videos.  One was a text-to speech animation “Don’t get so excited about GIS”, the other involved a “Candid Camera” type gag where people were asked to explain to a seeing-eye dog a route to follow using a map. Check out our Geography Humor page where most of the humor videos we have shown at SLUG meetings can be accessed.


New historical Aerial Photography available from UGS

Steve Bowman, Utah Geological Survey

Steve explained that the UGS has some 120,000 photographs acquired between 1937 and 2004, of which some 75,000 are available for download.  These are not rectified, but the location of the centers of the photographs, along with a lot of other metadata, is available. Steve demonstrated the online tools they’ve built to seach for images.  Go to for an interactive map where you can see, search, and download these images.


To our presenters and our sponsor, “Thank you!”    And thank you for your interest and support!