December 2nd, 2020 - SLUG Meeting DiGISt

Minutes of the 44th Quarterly Salt Lake GIS Users Group (SLUG) meeting, held on December 2, 2020, from 11:30 am to 1:00 pm virtually via Zoom. There were about 85 people in attendance today.


Adrian Welsh, SLUG Board

       Welcome to SLUG’s first virtual meeting. The meeting will be recorded and put on youtube so if anyone who could not attend today will be able to watch what they missed here.

Nick Kryger, UGIC

       UGIC is still holding out the area in Bryce National Park for the second week of May for a possible UGIC conference in 2021. The online conference in September 2020 went well and if you missed that, you can find all the presentations here to watch.


Bert Granberg, Nicole Mendelsohn, and Matthew SilskiWFRC

Wasatch Front Regional Council (WFRC) is a metropolitan organization and association of governments where their main responsibilities include: transportation planning, investment and coordination, regional visioning, and economic development. WFRC has been busy creating and updating their maps, below are a few of the maps and datasets discussed with links to access each.

     Wasatch Choice Interactive Map: brings together efforts to plan for regional transportation and land use. Each tab on this app is it’s own focus area.

     Generalized Future Land Use Map: this shows the general plan/future land use for WFRC areas, cities, and counties.

     Planned Transportation Projects: these two maps are good resources to see what the plans are in your area.

     Transportation Improvement Program: Short Term, through 2026

     Regional Transportation Plan: this is long term, through 2050.

     Traffic Volumes and Forecast Map: there are two viewers for this map - the basic and advanced viewer. The basic has major road segments, observed from UDOT, and forecast from travel demand models. The advanced shows population/employment forecasts and shows planned project features.

     Access to Opportunities (ATO): this map looks at how efficiency connections are made and also at how mobility and proximity provide accessibility.

     Active Transportation Data: this GIS data contains resources for active transportation infrastructure.

     Park Accessibility Map: shows the total park space and park space per person. Also shows a 2020 and 2050 population comparison and recommendations.

     To find more maps and data.

     WFRC Map Gallery

     WFRC Data Portal

Hayley MillerESRI

ArcGIS Field Maps is a newer app by ESRI that takes the core apps created for different activities and combines them into one app. Currently in the app are Explorer, Tracker, and Collector. Workforce and Navigator are to come later. The benefits of ArcGIS Field Maps is there is only a single app to deploy and learn and the consistency across apps. Learn more about the app here.

Adrian SellarsUDOT

UDOT has developed an eTicketing system for asphalt paving. By moving to eTicketing, they have been able to go paperless which makes sure there are no lost, damaged, or illegible tickets which has been helpful for their ticket management. It also provides an accurate location of the tickets and creates data analytics for better understanding of what is working and what is not. In 2020, UDOT successfully received over 19,000 eTickets for a total of over 663,000 tons of asphalt. By using their available GIS solutions they had in house they are saving paper and time but also creating good information.

Geography Humor Segment:

Zlatko Grebenar, SLUG Board

Jeep’s GPS to Get Lost. Watch the commercial here.


The next meeting is not scheduled yet but most likely will be in February or March of 2021 and be virtual again. More information to come on this.

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Thank you to our presenters and for joining us virtually. If you have any ideas for a presentation or any other matter, please contact a SLUG board member. We welcome short or long presentations on any projects that you might be working on that might benefit others. We appreciate your interest and support!